Kikoku Shoujo (帰国少女)

Hello there.  I’m Jessica (kiratsukai online).  If you’re here at all, you’ve probably met me somewhere else.  That’s good.  Because I think I’m probably a lot more fun in person than online.

This isn’t my first attempt at writing a journal.  It is, however, the first time I’ve ever attempted to write a journal about something. 

While 14 year-old me had a lot of trouble mustering anything remotely interesting or readable to write-up on a weekly basis ~ 6 incredibly fulfilling years abroad finds me with plenty to say to plenty of people and nowhere to say it!

In hopes of keeping in touch with my friends in Japan and maybe making some new ones elsewhere, I’ve made this blog to document my adventures back home. 

It might seem odd to write about my experiences in my home country and not about my experiences in another one, but after so much of my life spent abroad — the US seems a lot more daunting and foreign than Japan ever did!

Will I make friends?

Can I find an apartment?

Can I drive on the right side of the road??

Can I do my taxes??? 

Can I eat a whole American-sized dinner plate at a restaurant??????

For people who aren’t all that interested in how the US looks from the outside, there’s bound to be a lot of comparison to Japan… and in the process, a ton of entries about Japan, things I miss and how things are done there.  Even if the US interests you not-in-the-least, you may find something interesting about costuming, language or Japanese culture.

I’d like to write in Japanese as well, if only I can figure out how to adjust the language settings so that a double-backspace doesn’t erase entire paragraphs of Japanese text ^^;;  Until I work out the logistics of Japanese post-editing, it will be an English-only affair.

宜しくお願いしますm(_ _)m

Japanese of the day:  帰国 (kikoku) – returning to your home country after living abroad.   (verb form: 帰国する, kikoku suru)

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